Curiosity of the Day: Issue 1, Volume 1

Yashika SG-1 Circa 1980

Curious for one reason, and it's a bit of a story:

At some point in the late 1970s or early 1980s a visitor arrived on Bali, Indonesia with their brand new Yashica camera. Excitement permeated the air, after days snapping pics all around the island; that day's program included snorkeling. After boarding, the small group set out for a tiny, picturesque bay.

Suddenly, an unexpected wave rocked the boat, knocking people off balance and caused the camera to fall out of hand and into the sea. The same bulk and weight that made the Yashica durable and reliable resulted in the camera plummet immediately to the seafloor tens of meters below.

Legend has it that weeks or months later, a local fisherman recovered the camera and possessed it for years as a treasured object. Decades later the item found its way into a store much like The Wayfinder Society in Ubud, Indonesia. Shelby and I loved everything about it, bought it, and brought it home to Chester.

Although the exterior seems little worse for wear, seawater and sand slowly worked its way into the lens, viewfinder, and film compartment (which is rusted almost straight through from the interior).

An interesting adventure, over thousands and thousands of miles, underwater, in the air, and finally to central Connecticut. Kind of an epic saga for a simple camera.

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