Curiosity of the Day: Issue 3, Volume 1

Air Ways Flight Globe

 Super Rare 1942 Flight Path and Time Globe

Produced in the midst of World War II, the globe presents a world much different than in 2023. However, what makes it rare and unique are its purpose and materials.


The globe shows the common flight paths of the day and provides a flight time calculator along the rim of the stand. In addition, the stand provides basic facts and figures regarding the Earth, the Wind System, the Atmosphere, and the Great Circles (Equator, Meridians and the like).

But it's the stand itself that is most curious. Due to material limitations of wood and metal, towards the war effort, the entire globe, stand included, is made of compressed cardboard.

Remarkably both the globe and stand are in very good condition (considering its all made of cardboard), with little in the way of damage, ana beautiful patina on the globe itself.

The globe and stand measure 15"W x 15"D x 13"H

The globe has a diameter of 11"


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