15cm Crystal Ball with Stand

Crystal Ball, diameter 15 cm, with Stand This beautiful crystal ball, with a diameter of 15 cm, comes with its stand. The large diameter makes it extremely suitable for predicting the future. Predicting the future through a crystal ball has been around for centuries, in the Middle Ages it was considered magic, especially by the church. In the Victorian era, it was a very popular pastime. Today it is the best-known way of predicting the future, but also the least used. Furthermore, crystal balls are used in Feng Shui to direct energies into the home. You wish to to use this crystal ball, diameter 15 cm, delivered with ts stand, for predicting the future? Here are some tips fot you! Use the ball in a quiet room. With soft music and burning incense, you need to get into a meditative state. The room should not be too lit, a dark room only lit by a candle is ideal. Do not place the candle too close to the crystal ball, the candlelight should not reflect into the

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