Teeny, Tiny Crystal Ball on Stand

Crystal ball, diameter 6 cm, with stand This beautiful crystal ball with a diameter of 6 cm, delivered with its stand, will bring an original touch to your interior, whether at home or in the office. Discreet because of its small size, you can place it anywhere, it will not take much space. We advise you however to place it where it can catch beautiful lights and reflections, for the best effect in decoration. If you use this crystal ball with its stand for clairvoyance, avoid putting it in the light, however. Also, do not place it where everyone can touch it, other people will transmit other energies than yours. Cover it rather when you do not use the crystal ball. This crystal sphere of 6 cm in diameter also has the right size to be taken anywhere if you want to use it for photography. Indeed, as the reflections and images in the ball will be reversed and distorted, you can use this crystal ball to make elegant and original pictures. And while this

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