Chalcopyrite / Peacock Ore

A rough gemstone (also called a raw or uncut gemstone) simply refers to a gemstone that has not been cut and faceted. Rough Stones tend to carry with them a visceral + raw power, while tumbled stones lean towards a more gentle vibration. "Rough" is how these stones come out of the Earth. The shapes are organic, and they normally lack the lustrous glamour tumbled pieces have. Rough stones have typically passed through less hands and have experienced less processing than the tumbled, polished, cut, or faceted stones.  CHALCOPYRITE expansion, new beginnings, transformation, attunement with higher realms PROPERTIES:: Chalcopyrite, also known as Peacock Ore, is a colorful, iridescent crystal composed of Copper Iron Sulfide, and gets its coloring from oxidation of the crystal's surface.

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