Copper Offering Bowl Incense Burner Holder (3 Inches, Ganesh)

❤ Approximate Size: 3 Inches Diameter 2 Inches Deep. ❤ This adorable, small copper bowl is the perfect size for decor and use in rituals, ceremonies, and incense burning. Ganesh Embossed around the bowl. ❤ your can many different kinds of incense. Pour sand within to protect your bowl, and let it catch the ashes of your incense or smudge sticks.  ❤ To burn charcoal incense, place a charcoal tablet in the sand and burn resin! Careful: the copper bowl may get hot, but the sand should help diffuse the heat. Place on a heatproof surface to protect your furniture. ❤ Easy to clean: Wipe with a damp cloth, dry with a soft cloth. Copper may lose shine over time; buff occasionally to keep help preserve the shine. ❤ Caution: can get hot if you burn charcoal within. Place on a fireproof surface before burning incense within; do not handle while incense is burning. Never leave your burning incense unattended

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