FLORAL DELUSION Botanical Perfume Oil

MIZU x ROSE ROAD Collaboration Limited Edition    Summer Winds  |  Wild Rose  |  Clean Petrichor   A thousand petals... shape-shifting into silhouettes...of cloudless rain   Key Notes: Top:  Shiso Leaf, Cannabis, Grapefruit Heart:  Rose Absolute, Cassie Flower,  Base:  Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Petrichor Accord   ⊱   A Special Collaboration Designed by MIZU in partnership with ROSE ROAD, our Japanese friend and supplier of one of the highest quality rose oils we’ve ever experienced. Read more here. This genderless fragrance is inspired by the Japanese folktale, “Kitsune Wedding”, a story of curiosity, shape-shifting foxes, and seeing the unseen.

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