Lokta Rope Incense

Give the gift of a cleansed space with this incense gift set. Contains 4 sets of incense ropes in different blends including: Sandalwood Holy Basil Cardamon Blend (natural colored rope), Kum-Kum Valarian Licorice Blend (pinkish-red colored rope), Juniper Greater Cardamon Blend (light yellow colored rope), and Agur Saldhoop Blend (light blue colored rope), a traditionally fired clay incense holder with a turtle set into a dish. It gets its color from the firing process, resulting in color and texture variations. Insert the rope in the holes in the turtle's shell so scents of your choice can cleanse and fill your space. Lokta rope incense, clay incense holder, lokta paper gift box with tie and button closure. - Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, slight variations in size, shape or color may occur. - Box: 5"sqx2.5"H, Turtle incense holder: 4.5"D - Includes turtle incense holder and 60 total lokta incense ropes (4 sets of 15) in a lokta paper gift box.

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