NASA Mission Control Computer Chip

During the 1970s–80s, NASA used state-of-the-art computers from the company Modular Computer Systems. These "MODCOMP" systems were used in processing and controlling the telemetry of many space projects including the Voyager probes, Skylab, as well as the early Space Shuttle launches.  NASA has obviously upgraded their systems since, and so we were able to purchase several used MODCOMP computer boards and carefully extract the microchips so that more people could share and enjoy this artifact. By purchasing one of these chips, you are purchasing a piece of computing and space history. The data that has passed through these components has controlled some of humankind's most ambitious space exploration projects. Chip manufacturers include Texas Instruments, Motorola, early AMD, and more. The pictures shown may not be the exact chip you'll receive, but it will be very similar. Comes in protective case.   You may also be interested in our supercomputer chips.  Image: NASA

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