Courage Is Within Puzzle - Leopard

Print Club London is an online gallery and screen printing workshop at the vanguard of vibrant East London creativity. Working with their incredible pool of contemporary artists Luckies are proud to bring you a range of unique ‘Artist Edition’ jigsaws puzzles. Courage Is Within by Jacqueline Colley Jacqueline is an Illustrator and Pattern Designer based in East London. She specialises in creating explorable and playful illustrations and has worked across editorial, product, packaging and set design. Jacqueline’s illustrations often cover the realms of travel and curiosity and are the perfect themes to express her love of colour, pattern and typography. This jigsaw puzzle features work from her ongoing Typographic series exploring type and print making. Features: - 500 piece Artist Edition puzzle - Incudes cotton drawstring bag for puzzle pieces - Made with recycled board Materials: -Paper, recycled board, cotton

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