Selenite Crystal Candle Holder

The Selenite Natural Candle Holder, artistically hand carved to appear as rose petals or ice, adds beauty to any home or office decor. It is recommended to use it as a harmonizer of the environment. When heated by the effect of the candle lit inside, it emits negative ions that are beneficial to humans to achieve mental clarity and peace. Selenite works to clear and protect any space, unblock stagnant energy, infuse it with a smooth flow of positive energy, and shield against outside influences. Ideal to use in Meditation and Spiritual Work spaces. Selenite also reactivates and recharges jewelry and other healing crystals placed near it. Selenite Candle Holder is a must-have energy tool to purify and cleanse the aura in any space. Add our supreme quality Selenite collection, sourced from Morocco, to your store to elevate your product range and entice your customers! Weight: 1.5 - 2 lbs

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