The Red Spice Road

Paperback - Cook Book /Asian. The Red Spice Road Cookbook is a culinary journey through South-East Asia. Combining centuries-old recipes with modern ingredients and know-how, chef John McLeay takes us from the jungles of Thailand to the streets of Saigon, sampling mouth-watering delicacies such as:  crab-filled betel leaves prawn and sticky pork salad prawn jungle curry crispy five-spice quail.There’s also common favourites such as penang curry, chilli basil chicken, mapo tofu and pork belly as well as easy, delicious desserts and a ‘basics’ section to instruct the home cook how to make fundamental stocks, pastes and garnishes. The Red Spice Road Cookbook finishes with an Asian-influenced cocktail section—the perfect accompaniment to a delicious banquet.

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