Ring Gong Meditation Singing Bowl - XXL

✔️TIBETAN PRO MEDITATION SINGING BOWL SET- Meditation Grade Singing Bowl Set is made using traditional techniques of crafting and a hand hammer mark on the bowl is handcrafted by devoted artisans in Nepal. The set includes a dual-face wooden suede mallet and a hand-sewn ring cushion. (Color of the Cushion and Mallet May Differ) ✔️DEEP MEDITATION AND YOGA PRACTICE - Use our sound bowl daily before starting a meditation and yoga session to tune and train your brain, body, and mind. The frequencies created by our singing bowl set help you enter alpha brainwaves which open you to a state of peacefulness and prepare you for long and deep meditation and yoga sessions. ✔️ SIZE & WEIGHT  Approximate 5.5” Diameter X 4.5 High Wall And Weighs 1.35 kg (3 lb).

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