White Quartz Geode Pairs

Bring the healing energy of White Quartz into your home with our range of geodes. They are very attractive and are believed to radiate the energy of quartz in all directions. Quartz is an important healing stone said to have a cleansing and healing effect. The cave-like shape and a large number of crystals are believed to amplify and diffuse energy into a space, allowing it to take effect gently over time. Whether given just for its beauty or its fine crystal energy, it makes a wonderful gift for all occasions. Dimensions 00: 3-4cm 0: 5-7cm 1: 8-10cm UNIQUE SHAPE - Geodes are hollow rocks and minerals cut in half to show off the shimmering textures of precious gemstones inside of them. USAGE - Geode decor can bring new energy and style to your home. Use it for Reiki, Chakra balancing, healing, or as a collectable item. BRILLIANT GIFTS - For anyone remotely interested in crystals and their "Feel-Good" properties. The geodes make amazing display gifts.

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