Framed Art - 8x10 - A Race To Harvest

THE RACE TO HARVEST, HANDCUT 8X10" SILHOUETTE The thing that isn’t quite right about this particular race… is that the gardener doesn’t know she’s actually in a race. The bunnies have been slowly (well. maybe not slowly) pulling carrots from this garden plot for weeks. At first they felt sort of bad about it but once they started it got easier to justify. After all, they’re planted in the Rabbits living room! Aren’t they entitled to some carrots? This is what they tell themselves as they watch the carrots grow through their ceiling and into their home. It just seems logical that they should harvest them. and them take the baskets to market and sell them. I mean… a bunny’s gotta make a living. right? Framed in an 8×10″ shadowbox, ready to hang.

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